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Problems with Sh101 control CC's
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Author Problems with Sh101 control CC's
Just a quick one - am I missing something simple here? Everything works as it should however I cannot figure out how to get the 2nd envelope to work with the midi cc's in the manual. At the moment the only cc's that seem to work are the cutoff and lfo..

(And I ended up investing in this mod pretty much for the controlable envelope)

Any ideas?
Seaweed Sound
Did you turn up CC #30 Filter ADSR amount? Also make sure you're not playing legato so the env re-triggers.

The firmware update page says "FEATURE: added ADSR parameters: delay, polarity and looping mode" but the manual doesn't list those CC's. Maybe the delay is set really long?

The env def works on mine but the re-triggering is a bit weird. It doesn't seem to re-trigger every key press if attack is turned up.
Env amount is definitely a thing to look for.
if the cutoff control and LFOs are working there is definitely no reason the env should not.

Here are the controller numbers for the latter added parameters. As long as you don't control them actively they don't have any effect though:

ADSR Delay 37
ADSR Loop (on/off) 38
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