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Erica Synths Polivoks VCA 2 troubleshooting
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Author Erica Synths Polivoks VCA 2 troubleshooting
Hi guys
I recently started building modules from kits. Already finished a 4ms atoner humpback filter and some music thing modular.
Currently I have some trouble with the ES polivoks VCA 2.
Schematics, component placement and manual can be found here:
The control measurements from the manual were ok but i do not get any output when i try to calibrate.
I had to resolder the male pin (pic one left up corner).
Thanks in adnvance
Pictures of my PCB:

I just purchased this kit and looking forward to building it.

Try to reflow your solder joints. Any component where you can see in the hole from the top does not have a good connection. You can also add solder to the top of the component side. I've circled in red an example of not enough solder, even though there are many more areas that need touching up. Your header pins are an example of good solder joints on the component side.

Remember when you are building solder should flow through the hole and come up somewhat on the component side. Good luck!

I Would check the connectivity at the re-soldered header. Follow the traces of each pin of the header up to the first part on its trial. Connect on lead of the multimeter to the pin and the other to the first part on its trail to see if you didn't mess up the board when unsoldering. It looks a bit dodgy down there and you might have cut a trace.
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