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Buchla 200e midi/polyphony question
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Author Buchla 200e midi/polyphony question
Question for the Buchla-midi savvy: Trying to get a 258 to play along with the 259e (bus A) and the 261e (bus C) in polyphony mode through bus E, but having no luck. Can non-200e modules join the polyphony party of a single midi track? They are all on the same midi channel - in polyphony mode - but the 258 is just replicating the pitch from bus A (and its trigger come to think of it). On firmware 30.4.

Any help appreciated!
Just use the 258 as channel A triggered and CV controlled by the Bus A externally connected and set your "e" modules to be CV controlled and triggered by the Midi bus via channels B and C in mono mode or channel B in poly mode. That will start to get you there to three note polyphony.
Ah, yes! That´ll work:)

Thanks Rockin' Banana!
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