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Anyone using ES-8 to get CV into iOS?
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Author Anyone using ES-8 to get CV into iOS?
Apologies for cross posting,but this appears to be a stumper.

Obviously, the ES-8 can receive CV, but I am at a loss of how to translate a CV signal into MIDI or OSC for controlling an iOS soft synth.
Yeah! This is fun! I use the ES-8 to get CV into Audulus, where I can scale the VPO signal to the internal note system or route LFO type modulation or clock signals to drive sequencers.

I have also used the iOS DAW Auria to record CV, which can be edited and sent back out to the modular. It's more difficult to use pitch CV for this application because as of now there are no iOS plugins that can scale the signal (there is about a 5% drop on incoming signals vs output on my unit). Audulus will be a AUv3 very soon though and at that point you can use it like an iOS version of Silent Way, although the workflow will be a little different.
Thanks! Audulus looks like a solution once they go AUv3. I'm not so interested in pitch as complex modulation waveforms from Maths, etc.
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