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Using ES-8 with ciat-lonbarde "brown" nodes
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Author Using ES-8 with ciat-lonbarde "brown" nodes
So I had initially made a thread ( over in the ciat-lonbarde forum, but I guess my question is closer to how the ES-8 would handle things, so posting a version of that question here.

Basically I have an ES-8 that I want to use to control (and vice versa) some of my ciat-lonbarde gear via my laptop. I'm specifically thinking a Plumbutter drummachine, and it's closer partner, the Rolzer.

Both have these androgynous "brown" nodes, which I've read can be problematic (and even dangerous) for other euro gear due to them potentially putting out big negative spikes.

Basically brown jacks are at the base of a transistor with a capacitor going to it and can put out up to -10v (from this thread:

So my question over in the CL forum was initially about if there's some kind of format jumbler and/or sanitizer for making the brown jacks "safe" to use with the ES-8.

Has anyone experimented with using CL gear with their ES-8? Did it work out ok? Does the ES-8 have protection on it's I/O for "fishy" voltages like that? (other places can spit out up to +- 7V bipolar signals)
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