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Propellerheads Complex-1 for Reason?
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Author Propellerheads Complex-1 for Reason?
Looks interesting. The main drawback is that it appears you need the latest full Reason which I don't have.
Anyone checked out the demo or purchased yet?

"Complex-1 is a modular synthesizer from Propellerhead Software, bringing the quirks, freedom and sonic depth of modular synthesis to to your Reason Rack. Boasting a 4x oversampled synthesis engine, a freely routable signal and modulation path and a sound like nothing else, Complex-1 is a synth lover’s dream machine."
I have it.. In my humble opinion this is one of the best things the Propellerheads have done in years. Really.
It sounds great, and isn't difficult to use at all. The front patching feels a bit weird for Reason to begin with, but you soon get used to it.
Some excellent sound designers worked on patches for it too.

And yes, I believe it needs Reason 10.1 or later.

(Side note, the new Quad Note Generator player is also very good!)

So torn as it’s a lot of money to upgrade when it’s solely just for this.

Yet ...Seems like a perfect way to focus as other modular solutions get out of control for me so quickly... when you have too many options it’s hard to get things done.
I’m having a blast with Complex-1.

Wiresandones, I agree with your critique of the overwhelming choice of other modular systems. I suspect you meant software modulars particularly, but Eurorack’s been giving me option saturation lately, too.

Complex-1 strikes me as a well-specified collection of modules that, together, are deep, flexible, and powerful but are nonetheless not without limitations - limitations that ultimately inspire creativity.

If you already own Reason 10 and are into modular synthesis, it’s a no-brainer.
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