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free MIDI piano roll & Reaper question
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Author free MIDI piano roll & Reaper question
I'm looking for any software that is Mac and/or PC that is:

1) free or super cheap
2) has a decent enough MIDI piano roll

This is for students who will already be buying a book for the class, so I'm trying to keep the software costs low. It doesn't have to be a full blown DAW and they will mostly be demonstrating music theory concepts in a MIDI piano roll.

I've thought about Reaper, but I'm not sure if it still has a perpetual evaluation period? Even though it says 60 days, it used to go on indefinitely past the date. Does anyone know if Reaper still does that?
Yep, Reaper still has an unlimited trial period.

Sekaiju has an old-looking UI but it's free. I've been making some MIDI tracks in it recently. It's Windows-only but works perfectly in Wine.

Other than that, GarageBand is pretty capable these days. Tracktion 7 is now free (although they are continuing to develop new versions). I haven't tried it yet, but the new Cakewalk is free but Windows only.
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