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iOS sort of stuff
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Author iOS sort of stuff
So, I have amassed a library of audio files that Ableton had stored for a couple of years , which is really awesome because I’ve been continuously processing a core group of files which get more and more humanized and complex as time goes on, but it actually kind of sucks because they’re organized renadomly. I’d like to find a nice good way to sort through thee files , and chop / edit / rearrange them (ideally would be to add processing via flux or whatever ) and save them in s succinct way that I can transfer to my MPC and edit / sequence into tracks . I can see this being s very good workflow, but I need a clean and efficient GUI , with waveform view , that makes it easy to access / import files and save useable chunks again into a file structure.

Is there such s thing that exists .?? I used AudioShare for a bit but it’s clunky , and batch import doesn’t work really , and you cannot process files with plugins .

Also, is there any “unmissable” software like Daedalus and borderlands that ppl would recommend.? I feel like there must be some gems I’m overlooking. I thought I hated Daedalus as first until I discovered the modulation page . Woo that is a lot of customizabliity
I found hokusai ... close but no cogar
Welp, I ended up getting twisted wave and it’s terrible.... it injects silence for every non native audio effect I use. And half of my audio units don’t show up.
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