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Composite out from Mac in the age of Thunderbolt
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Author Composite out from Mac in the age of Thunderbolt
What are some ways to integrate my iMac with the Vidiot and other video synthesis softwares? For example, if I wanted to run Lumen into the Vidiot, what's the best way to do this? I imagine I'll want to set up another monitor, but what can I output to? Many of the old solutions are gone now that Thunderbolt is out (I actually only have Thunderbolt 2, not Thunderbolt 3). Quality doesn't have to be absolutely super. For now, I don't need any recording. It'd be best to stay under $150. [/i]
if you have thunderbolt 2 equipped mac then you probably need a mini dvi to hdmi converter and an external hdmi-> component converter (search amazon and get a portta - cheap and seem to work ok

BUT you may have issues getting it to lock in the vidiot

you may also need some software to provide the hdmi output with 480i or 576i (both my macbook pros only output 480p, which doesn't lock properly) - so I get scrolling/doubling of the picture

not sure exactly how much that will cost - but should be under $150

I'm going to try the software this evening so will report back later

if you're using a newer mac with thunderbolt3/usb-c then you just replace the dvi to hdmi cable with a usb-c to hdmi cable (which is what I'm using on one of my computers)

the more expensive options that look good are blackmagic design: intensity shuttle thunderbolt (about 250) and ultrastudio hd mini (about 500)

I think they only work one way though (I might be wrong about the ultrastudio, hope so, as the bandwidth should be there as it's usb-c)
The software fix didn't work for me!!! I've raised a support ticket with LZX to try to get some advice - but they're a bit busy at the moment - with the orion releases
Agawell wrote:
The software fix didn't work for me!!! I've raised a support ticket with LZX to try to get some advice - but they're a bit busy at the moment - with the orion releases

The issue is likely the crystal in sync generator on the Vidiot. Lars posted on the LZX forums about the issue. The solution for now is to sync the Vidiot externally, to a Visual Cortex or other device.
no the issue is to do with the hdmi->composite converter

newer macs will not output 480i/576i only 480p

some hdmi->composite converters including the one I bought originally effectively just pass through whatever you are sending them - so will convert 480i/576i hdmi output to 480i/576i composite or in my case 480p hdmi to 480p composite (which almost locks, but not quite) resulting in scrolling when passed through the visual cortex

I am waiting on a new hdmi -> composite converter, which claims to convert hdmi to 480i/576i composite out

fingers crossed
ok the cheap (£10) portta mini hdmi->composite converter works - I have a clocked signal from my mac (usbc->hdmi->composite->visual cortex) but it`s black and white - because it`s not component - which I think is perfect for the vidiot - and not a total waste as I was thinking of getting a v4 or panasonic mixer - which means that the hdmi->composite converter can be used for one computer into the mixer etc

I have also found a couple of hdmi->component converters that do upscaling which are quite cheap - under 40€ delivered - I'm going to grab one next pay day - will report back
i had this problem too bud, you got a cheap HDMI/comp converter, right?

for colour, i bet this will work:
displayport/VGA adaptor
VGA/composite adaptor: is the one i got, can confirm it works just fine.

i'm 90% that will give you colour smile
the issue,for me is that the vc doesn't do colour from composite - just component

not the end of the world... and just a short wait for the correct thing!!!
hello, i have kinda the same setup but on windows. I input my vidiot into resolume arena with an el cheapo composite to usb adapter( linq dc80+, you can find hundreds of this model branded differently, it´s the same thing) successfully, work like a charm, but then i can´t input anything into my vidiot from the composite. i posted into lzx forum and i´ll probably have to end it over to them for repair, but i need it for shows! i tried everything and it doesn´t display a thing, but the loop through works fine. i tried with a vcr, with the composite out of a dslr canon 600d (rebel t3) , with a cheap compact camera composite out, with an hdmi to composite( which is what i wanted to use to send clips into the vidiot from resolume, then send the vidiot back in resolume with the composite to usb)
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