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sample/hold or sequential switch?
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Author sample/hold or sequential switch?
im looking into putting another clocked device into my system
right now i have a binary zone and a paia sample and hold
initially i was planning on putting another sample and hold in but now i have been looking into maybe a sequential switch as another clock option
i dont see too much talk here about paia but i do really love the sample and hold and would like another but maybe i would get more out of the sequential switch?
and how simple is the mod on the blacet sequential switch to have a clock out option
Mike Fun
Metalbox does the CGS 8 step sequential switch, which is cool but has no internal clock.

Have you considered the Hex Zone?
the hexzone is a little too large for the system im aiming for right now
i ended up getting a blacet sequential switch from a friend of mine for $20
and i'm going to mod it to have a clock out instead of just a clock in
i think i will probably get a hexzone down the line
it's pretty tempting
is it a pain to build?
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