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Introducing DM77 (Coron DS8 clone)
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Author Introducing DM77 (Coron DS8 clone)
Hey everyone, I'm working on a old project. It's a clone of the classic Coron DS8 drum synth.
I replaced almost entirely the original circuits in order to make the DM77 more compatible within a modular environment than the DS8.

The project is in version 0.2 and 0.3 is planned within next months.

So, the DM77 is similar to the DS8: a triangle waveform oscillator with an envelope generator, a VCA, a white noise source and an LFO. The oscillator is 1V/octave and is controled by a sweep parameter (dependent on the envelope) and a FM from the LFO.
I added an external input jack and a supplemental "impact" sound.

I'm not completely satisfied with the current state. I need to improve the impact section.

Here's a quick (cheap) video showing the 1V/octave tracking capabilities:

I'll publish updates and news on this project soon.

Feel free to comment!

Interested in a PCB /panel set when it is available for sale, keep It up!
Thanks smile

I'm still working on it:

I chose to slightly reduce the panel width: from 14 to 10HP

In order to reduce the width, I dropped some functionalities. I was unsatisfied with the "impact" sound who was pretty insignificant and barely noticeable after all.

I also removed the "trigger sense" pot. The only purpose of this pot was to attenuate the trig input. This is only useful when the module is used with some piezo sensor.
Attenuation can be done with a dedicated attenuator module for instance.

And I added a button for manual trigger.

The module is still built with Through Hole components only.70's style!

Proto PCBs are in production right now. I would be happy to send a couple PCB sets for review. Tell me if interested.

interested!! SlayerBadger!
Yeah, I would love to review it too MY ASS IS BLEEDING

Edit: The song in your demo... It comes from the commodore 64 or spectrum... I have played that game but I canĀ“t remember now... what it is?
Cool! Once I have the PCBs back, I'll let you know.

The tune is Chase, by G. Moroder SlayerBadger!
Hello, fellow french wiggler wink
I'd be happy to build and review it too.
Bonjour This is fun!
Thank you for your interest!

The DM77 is almost ready. I have some small adjustments to do but I'm pleased with the result.

You can find below a quick example of the sounds you can get with it. In the demo, the DM77 is driven by the MFOS 10 Step Sequencer.


The DM77 has been inspired by the Coron DS8, but it's not a clone. The main oscillator tracks pretty well 1V/Oct.

More information to come here:
I've published some documentation today. A quick circuit description, basic build guide along with an interactive BOM and the schematics.

This documentation will improve thanks to the feedbacks from the firsts builders. e/
very nice
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