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Adding VC to non modular gear?
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Author Adding VC to non modular gear?
HI, Does anyone know if it's possible to mod the pitch control on a 4-track cassette recorder to be voltage controllable? I don't have a specific recorder in mind. I'm open to suggestions if one would work better. It would be for live use with an expression pedal.

Also, Is there anyone in the nyc area that would up for doing it?

Jim's Space Case Tape Echo comes to mind...
wackelpeter -speed.html

the most simple method would be to replace the Potentiometer at a Tascam 424 for example with a vactrol and a series resistor (most likely something that keeps the Overall resistance in an affordable range close to the original) perhaps a series resistor with the vactrol and a fixed resistor in parallel to the LDR to Keep the high resistance fixed at a certain amount/Level.

I would not totally remove the original Speed dialing knob/pot and instead use a switch to be able to switch between the two modes.
Also Maybe a 1meg or 2 meg pot parallel to the LDR, again with a smaller series resistor would be good i guess, yo you can dial in with the pot the initial Speed... then you could also add a pot for the CV Depth for the vactrol LED or much simpler Control it externally with your modular and a attentuator…

I've done an external Speed Control for my reel to reel tape machine i use frequently for tape delay… it had already 3 Speeds, schematics very easy to find and i replaced the 3 resistors determining the Speed of the Motor drive with 3 pot& series resistor combinations… works like a Charme... still haven't included some simple vactrol Control, which know would be easier to add as i already got to the Bottom of the machine where the resistor where located and i don't have to disassemble the whole thing again...
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