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a possibly meaningless MIDI channel question
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Author a possibly meaningless MIDI channel question
I arbitrarily assign MIDI channel when working on a few synths with main synths as 1-# and then drum machines at 11+

I got to thinking, if MIDI is a serial connection, should I not leave any gaps in my MIDI channel assigning?

make no difference to me, but perhaps there is some incredibly small latency as the sequencer has to go through unassigned midi channels to get to 11.

I will never notice any latency, but this is just best practice given the technology type question.
I've never come across such an issue. I also have a gap in midi ch usage/assignment. Fairly certain the time scale we are concerning here is very short.
The protocol doesn't car at all about gaps. Each message is coded with the channel info and there are no blank messages sent when there is no channel assigned.

There could be some VERY sloppy programming on the receiving device if it is multi-channel and is programmed to scan voices sequentially but I can seen no reason at all that anybody would do this. As far as multiple devices on the chain, each tuned to a different channel, they wait and do nothing till they see the channel number in the message header and then act. They don't slow down from the other messages to other channels other than just ignoring them.

Basically, no sequencer program or hardware sequencer sends blank notes for unused channels, they only send what is to be played so gaps in the channel sequence don't affect anything.
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