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Do Max For Live "packs" need their own sub-folder?
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Author Do Max For Live "packs" need their own sub-folder?
Rex Coil 7
Ableton stuff follows;

I've been downloading/saving Live9 and M4L "packs" and instruments ever since yesterday when that purchase of my new Live 9 Suite license was set up. Oh my GOD there are a lot of them, when you view them just as sheer bytes of storage space required. Just the free ones (that cost no money) encompass over 25gb of storage space. I'm not complaining .... oh no no no ... not even a little bit. I'm just carrying on about the (literally) awesome amount of sample content a $200.00 license bought me!

Some of these "packs" are said to be for Max For Live. When it comes to using Ableton, do those packs need to be in their own storage folder (that used to be called a "sub-directory" back in the day, kids ... back when mommies and daddies used to listen to music by bands called Whitesnake and Iron Maiden and The Scorpions).


So can all of these packs be intermingled within the same storage folder?

Thanks. thumbs up
When you install an ableton "pack", it comes in a .alp file which you double-click or open within live and then live installs it somewhere in its library. The pack's contents show up in two places in the browser within live:

- Under the "packs" heading.
- The individual presets / samples / m4l devices etc. show up under the "categories" heading in their respective categories (there's one for max4live devices with subsections for instruments, audio, and midi effects).

If you're installing stuff that isn't in a .alp file, you can put it anywhere. I usually put it somewhere within my User Library. The User Library has a bunch of folders for different types of assets (clips/grooves/samples/etc), but those are just suggestions and you can make your own folders & put stuff anywhere. Once it's in the user library, it will also show up in the relevant "categories" heading.

There are some more details in the docs actually: ling-and-managing-Live-Packs

edit: some of the user library folders do have special meanings described in the docs but you can definitely create your own folders to organize your stuff however you want.
Rex Coil 7
Well that's really helpful! Thanks for the infos as well as the link. I'm thinking I'll get this stuff worked out fairly quickly once I get that computer built and I can begin to actually use Ableton. I have Ableton Live 9 Standard loaded on this office computer I'm on right now. I set up an audio interface for it, so I'll be able to ~practice~ with Live 9 Std with immediate access to instructional videos since "Standard" is loaded on our internet computer. The actual DAW system I'm building will not be connected to the web, and it will also be in a totally different room than this one.

So I'm kinda lucky that I can run Live 9 Standard on this system here, while also having access to the web and tutorial videos on the same computer. I set up a small audio interface (USB) that I already know Live 9 Std runs with, and it's connected to a pair of Edirol near field monitors. I got this mini-DAW goin' on here. So like I said .. kinda lucky.

The "real" Live 9 Suite DAW system will be in my studio with no internet connection in that room at all. That is, once I get it built!

Thanks again for the help! thumbs up
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