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Push1 pad/rotary/button lights not on after app install
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Author Push1 pad/rotary/button lights not on after app install
edit: a simple re-install of Live fixed it...didn't realize there *are* no settings stored in Push, just Live... d'oh!

Was experimenting with using Push 1 as a midi controller outside of Live. Been playing w/ an app called Gridlock last couple of days ( and it's been pretty useful w/ standalone Max...pretty cool application...pretty complex too, at least for me.

But when I decided to use Push w/ just Ableton Live this morning all I got was, "Ableton Push Please start Live to play..." message, all pads/rotoraries/button lights are off. Only the LCD screen is on.

Things I've done so far:
* Opened Live's Preferences => Link / MIDI preferences, under the Control Surfaces drop-down menu, select "None". Then re-select Push 1 (only Push 2 was available though so I choose Push 2. I also choose None as well, no change. It's suppose to will re-start the Control Scripts that Push 1 requires to run.

*[i]Open this hidden folder, Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live x.x.x/. Then delete Preferences.cfg, Undo folder (in Live 9 this is Undo.cfg) and Template.als (if present). Only the Preferences.cfg was present.

*[i]Under Device Manager, Right-click Ableton Push select 'Uninstall' driver, restart, turn on Push 1.

No change though.
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