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some recommendations for my set up plz :)
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Author some recommendations for my set up plz :)
below is my current setup. I released some music and am now switching up my gear. (( ))
in general, I make down tempo / ambient but still like to have it clocked and all in tune with each other.

I just picked up the rene and am already loving it. the only thing in the photo I don't have is the Pamela's New Workout. I like that over the Tempi bc you can set a specific tempo. (but let me know what you think)

quantizer - I know the rene has a quantizer on it, but would having a separate module make it easier/faster to put everything in tune/scale. this is important for me while performing live to create nice harmonic tones (maybe the intuitive quantizer?)

vco - I was thinking of getting a mutable instruments plaits for more plucky and harmonic tones, but any other suggestions of a vco 10hP or under that goes well with the m-32 and rings !

vca - I'm still a bit confused as how exactly a vca operates, but I think it would allow working with my Maths better. would a 4-channel vca be good for this set up? I was looking at some from doepfer.

filter - also maybe a filter cutoff for my other vco sources (rings/plaits) is there a 2 channel filter cutoff ?

thank you all for taking a look !

Klavis Twin Waves is a double VCO at only 8hp. Clever thing with many functions (like a built in quantizer).
Quantizer : you could use an ornament & crime, 4 channels of quantizations + a LOT of other things when you're not using it as a quantizer.

VCA: I use a Zlob Vlncursal VCA which is 6 channels and only 8hp, a very nice option. But yes, a 4 channel VCA would also be great, the more VCAs, the merrier.

You could also use a few more modulation sources
I play quite different music, with a very different setup, and still a newb, so my advice might not be the best for you. Still... I really don't think that you need another sound source there. Also, I'm not sure about another filter. What you definitely need is a VCA (or dual, or quad). It will open up many possibilities to create movement within your setup. I had the tangle quartet and replaced it with blinds which I prefer. For end of the chain mixing VCA the tangle quartet is great, but for CV modulation the blinds is way better (mainly due to layout and offsets). Random, or at least S&H, is another good option. The S&H on my 0-coast is the only random source I have ATM and it is used in every patch. Usually for many different parameters. I really need another one... Lastly, consider adding an effect. For synced delays the new chronoblob looks great. For more traditional delay / reverb cosider the 2hp / pico offerings.

Good luck!
Rex Coil 7
Can you post an actual picture of your "rack"? Here in Miffwugglers most of us prefer to see actual synths. Modular grid is the virtual synth forum.
zfealk wrote:

vca - I'm still a bit confused as how exactly a vca operates, but I think it would allow working with my Maths better. would a 4-channel vca be good for this set up? I was looking at some from doepfer.

Probably most commonly, anywhere in your patch you would like to modulate, or change, the amount of CV with some modulation source, is where a VCA comes in handy. As was said, VCAs with modulation really can give a patch life, not to mention Ring mod and such. There are some good demos here and elsewhere.
I'm still a bit confused as how exactly a vca operates

Think of it as a tap: a positive CV will open the tap and the audio at the input is allowed to pass through. The more you open the tap (higher voltage), the more volume you get.

This is not restricted to audio, you can also put control voltages at the input, and you can use audio rate CV to control the tap.
About the quantizer in Rene2, if you turn on the FUN.CV.ADD (or FUN.CV.S&H) setting, you can use it as two independent quantizers on external signals (that are added to the sequenced ones). Just to say, there is already a lot of quantizer baked into Rene2 that you can play with.
I started with something very similar and quickly realized that, while having the Mother-32 in the rack was handy and looked cool. It sure took up a lot of space. So, I ended up pulling mine out to make room for other goodies. I would suggest the same here.

Regarding your other questions... Plaits is certainly a great VCO. However, so is the Klavis Twin Waves that lisa mentioned. Definitely worth considering.

A VCA would definitely be a good idea. I went with a Mi Veils and have been pretty happy. Intellijel makes a nice quad VCA too.

That filter question is tough to answer... there are so many good filters and they can sound very different. At this point, I’d just say start browsing filters on modulargrid and then look for videos for the ones that seem interesting.

Edit: whoops, I forgot to talk about quantizers. There are a lot of good options here too. I prefer the type that just lets me I pick the notes I want via buttons on the module. Smaller modules will have preprogrammed scales you can choose. I guess it depends on what you want. There is a good discussion going on here about the Intellijel uScale. I have one and quite like it. The Sonic Potions Penrose is a neat one if you like DIY. Again, I’d take a look through modulargrid’s quantizers... but I think I’d suggest waiting to see what the next version of the uScale is like.

Oh, and your rack is missing an Expert Sleepers Disting. wink
I'd think a Tempi over Pams, specially with the Select Bus implementation of the Rene 2.

VCOs - take a look at the Mannequins Mangrove, it does some very interesting things and has a built in VCA too!

This might be against popular opinion, but sometimes you don't need too many VCAs, there are other interesting things to consider - LPGs + Mixers, for example.

And... something to scratch the Rings with? Like the Mutable Ears?
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