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Tap Tempo
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Author Tap Tempo
So, let's say I have a delay pedal that has tap tempo capabilities. Instead of tapping, I want that tap to come from a CV source. Am I correct in thinking that I can just wire up a jack to the tap switch terminals (which will short upon an incoming CV signal) to get a CV-controlled tempo delay?

Or is it much more complicated than that?
Totally depends upon how it is implemented in that particular product. What product are you speaking of?
Boss RE-20. This is all theoretical; I don't own any outboard effects, but the way I work is trending towards that direction. I'm open to other delays. I'm just trying to figure out if there's a quick and dirty DIY way to do what I want.

All else fails, I can stay in the modular realm and go with a Modcan Digital Delay (which already has CV tempo) + some sort of FX insert module (like the Stilton Adapter, or Doepfer's).
To be certain that it would work, I'd need to see a schematic or the unit itself.

I downloaded the OM (Owner's Manual) and there is a foot-pedal input on the back of the unit that will control Intensity & Repeats. I'd bet that you could hit this with around +3 through +5VDC although I'm not sure if this input would respond to clock pulses & lock to that tempo.

You could always measure (or obtain a schematic) in order to see if what kind of voltage is used to trigger the tap-tempo on the right-most pedal. Once you've got that, you've got the keys to the universe.
You'd probably need to use some sort of electronic switch such as the CD4016 or 4066 (Quad CMOS SPDT analogue switch). Your CV/trig input controls the closing of that switch rather than actually going to the RC20's circuit. You may need a bit of conditioning on the input control, but that'd depend on the exact setup...
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