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your opinion on tri-ger vs 4 bricks rook?
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Author your opinion on tri-ger vs 4 bricks rook?
i have 2 triggers slaved and one 4 bricks rook. *i'm not an advanced user*

I got these to do non quantized drum machine patterns. and only that.

and to be honest its harder than it seems. I have no real experience with this before but i felt that my tr-8 was too restricted.

Anyway i feel the tri-gers are better than the 4 bricks rook.
Tri-ger have better buttons (but still not really good imo, i'm used to industrial machines and mechanical keyboards, those are really good). so if the rook has elektron quality buttons i wonder what kinda pos product they make.

to actually make any kind of non quantized beat with both of these you have to have either time, or good sense of tempo and timing. no way around it.
there is no free lunch here. you will have to redo stuff very many times.

I find it easiest to simply put down a 4/4 beat as my "clock" on another machine (sq1 often) and then tap that into a tri-ger on chan 1. then i have the loop lenght.
then i can do whatever i want on the rest of the chans.

on the rook i have clock in. and to me it doesnt really seem to matter since it will still overdub and do double hits and so on if you dont do the exact correct length of tapping.
so whats the point of it taking a clock in?? its not like its stopping recording after one bar or similar.

Also the rook is ultra complicated. And even though i have read the manual and watched the vids its like a mystery as to how the fuck it really works. the trigger is not. i didn't really have to read the manual at all for this one.

the trigger also has a type of indicator of where it is in the actual cycle. with the 8 leds. the rook not so much imo.

one cool thing about the trigger is that it will do any gate length you want depending on how long you hold the buttons down. (maybe the rook does too i have not tried it yet though).

allinall they do the same thing. and they will not really help you in any way if you happen to suck at timing and tempos and so on even if the rook has clock in.

whats your experience with these modules?? am i missing something here?
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