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Stacking for transposing?
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Author Stacking for transposing?
I'm a new buchla owner and tried the following:

Stacked 2 cables from 2 251e sequencers/channels into 261e
Sequenced from 1 channel of 251e
Transposed with a second channel of 251e (using 251e in s&h mode, cv from 223e, "hold" from pulse out of 251e channel 1)

Seems like everything is working great but at 2.4V/Oct (0.2 for semi tone instead of 0.1).

Anything wrong with this approach? Anyone else doing this?

I just had an exchange with “Oxix52” on YT (not sure his handle here) about this technique. It was certainly effective in his video. That caused me to research stacking multiple outputs into inputs in Buchla-land, and it seems as though it’s “OK”.

It may "work" but it is a bad practice and will most likely damage something in the long run. You need a voltage summer/mixer to do it safely/correctly. You can send a CV/audio signal to multiple destinations but cant send multiple sources to 1 destination/input. Id think Buchla would have a manual with patching "best practices" of some sort.
From a 2015 post by member solaris:

here's what Jon divisionbyzero told about this matter circa 2011 when I asked him:

Jon Schatz wrote:
> - Stacking CV to a single input is to be avoided, or it is
> permitted in Buchla world?

it will always work with pulses and will sometimes work with voltages. it won't
cause any harm but it won't necessarily be successful either.

thanks and let me know if you have any other questions,

Thanks. Since posting this I bought a 254e from Doug so i'm good.

Amazing module!
roya wrote:
Thanks. Since posting this I bought a 254e from Doug so i'm good.

Amazing module!

I really, really should get a 254e. I wish I had the space for it.
@Oxix52 The video of yours that was posted is fantastic. Great sequencing
@lumin Thanks!
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