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Danceable genres to be made with modular
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Author Danceable genres to be made with modular
Not sure if it's right subforum

But here is food for thoughts

Imagine you do modular setup and wanna perform at holiday party

But friend puts condition: people should dance well to that

So, no-no to rhythmless ambient and drone improvs...

hmmm..... what are your thoughts on such puzzle? I mean, besides "just do edm"
Well you can't do "edm" with a modular, you need a computer and a sample library for that lol

Just do what a lot of "live" dance acts do : use pre-recorded stuff and pretend to be really busy during the "performance" by rapidly wiggling knobs with style and attitude, and pushing buttons while dancing in front of the rig. Just feel those tunes pouring out of your magic fingers. The dancing crowd will never know the difference. cool
I always forget that edm is modern pop music actually haha
Practice rhythm sounds, try different tempos, people just need divided time to dance. Practice a lot.

For an 8 step drum synthesizer with multiple voices this is a pretty standard program that you’ll hear in edm and lots of other music:

X = start percussion sound
, = skip
Each point represents 1/8 of a bar which is 2 beats at the tempo.

X,,,X,,, (kick drum, a bass sound)
X,X,X,X, (these other 4 are treble sounds like a snare drum or clap)

There might be a place for tenor drums in there.

The timbre of the voices can make this program sound good or bad so that’s why practice is important. Being able to mute the parts makes the song progress. People like putting in sequences that are divided by 3 instead of by 4 for another kind of feeling. With 16 steps there can be more variation that pushes a 4/4 time signature vibe which might help some people dance.

I don’t know what you know already. Have you only ever made rhythmless music?
I usually think modular is most suited to techno in a live set. Other genres rely more heavily on polyphony or advanced sample use or drum programming that’s hard to achieve in modular.

There are many MANY artists that are exceptions to this, of course.
Just another rookie
All that rythmnless drone ambient whatever needs, is a good solid drum beat.

Hip hop style drum beats will get you from there to drum and bass with little but a tempo change. (And the odd overlay)
Patch in a way that your ambient sounds envelopes are triggered at some sort of timed interval. 16 or 32 bars maybe even 64!
Whatever doesn’t really matter. That will pull it all in line.

Switch the breakbeat for a solid 4/4 kick drum and we are into house and techno. Just add copious Zapps whoops and whistles!

Tunes like in effect, pink champagne, 6 days on the run, all use this breakbeat to 4/4. Decent 94-95 old skool pattern. Worked a charm for the masses at the time

Changing tracks could be a problem but I guess that depends on the size of the rig! Long live vinyl!

I’m no pro for sure, but I think even 20 minutes of the same patch/program soundscape would become a drone for anyone! Unless they’re all smashed!

All the best parties I ever did involved several capable and one or two learner djs a pair of turntables and crates of records. Guaranteed boom for days!

But that’s just my point of view, experienced dj but only 12months on a modular.
Thanks for thoughts on subject...

Yeah, progression through muting/unmuting parts hmmm..... seems optimal
U should also keep in mind to take it slow, as in the progression of the tunes. Pop music is quite fast, intro, verse and chorus in a matter of minutes. Dance music generally take a little longer to build an develop.

This is a topic on its own, but a mistake I usually make when playing housy music live is that I drop everything at once. It sort of confuse the audience. So be calm and let every element have a moment to shine. And work a lot with dynamic, rather than melodic variation. To remove a major element, e.g. the kick drum, and then adding it again affect the crowd massively.

But I am really no expert. I can only play (alone) with my modular and make it interesting for a few minutes, perhaps 10- 15, but it's just a variation of a patch (prefer playing records hehe). You should look in to Surgeon. He had a run when he just played with the modular and I thought that was both inspiring and sounded pretty dope!

See for example the following link:
i think from the technical side it is quite easy to achieve in modular. you need those 909 modules and i'd say with 3-4 simple subtractive mono synthvoices you're set. which can be achived with 6u of 120hp or 9u 84hp. you maybe want an external sequencer for the melodic stuff like a darktime, beatstep or so.

you just need to skill to play for 1 hour that creative, that the people keep dancing. beat programming on the fly, write new melodies and bassline during the set and keep it interesting. this is the tricky part! but i think the immediacy of a modular system helps you there tons.
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