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Best EQ plugin
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Author Best EQ plugin
Toneboosters, Tokyo Dawn Labs and DDMF make some very good EQ's on the more affordable side of things. If you don't want to spring for the pricey stuff. thumbs up
+1 for Fabfilter Pro-Q3. So flexible and musical.
martinjuenke wrote:
The EQs (LinearPhase, Vintage) in LogicPro are covering all you need. I would not buy something additional. The money can be used for something more useful...

They are goo dEQs to be sure. I often turn to linear phase when I need a precise EQ with no magic fairy dust.

The Logic pro compressor, forget the name, but it's the one with Fet, Tube and other modes works really well.
That said, huge fan of UAD Neve plugins.
Even teh older ones have a nice way of warming stuff up and giving you some good harmonic enrichment, which sometimes our synths and drum machines lack. Especially softsynths!

This is also a workflow thing for me.
The linear phase EQ is a great example of too many options. All of the bands cover the entire audible frequency range, and can hit just about any combination of gain, Q and freq.

The 1081 on the other hand only has 4 bands, two of which are shelving. But it also has high and low cut filters. You have limited frequencies to work with as well.
That's my least limited EQ. The Helios, Trident and 1073 EQs all have less frequencies and less bands. This forces you to think about what you are EQing. And honestly, whether you need to EQ.
With plugins it is easy to just throw an EQ on every single channel. But sometimes the best approach is to not EQ things that already sound big. And EQ the less important things around that.

Basically, with the infinite choices of DAW land, I find I work faster with tools that limit my choices. It's a pleasant side effect that the UAD plugins sound good too.
I'm not super well-versed in EQs, but I am also a fan of the Waves API 550 plugins
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