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3am - tyuiop (dark and dubby, w/ video)
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Author 3am - tyuiop (dark and dubby, w/ video)



Dark, dubby and damaged. First track with Waldorf Quantum. Sequenced with Elektron Octatrack. Make Noise Tempi/Rene V2 controls Shared System, Audio Damage Seq1 controls 0-Coast. Also MiniBrute2 (also sequenced by Octatrack).

Not a one take performance, this time. I wanted to experiment with video editing and tempo synced transitions. I think it came out okay but I should have gotten more shots to keep things interesting.

The piece itself is pretty simple, I think I used two notes throughout the whole thing (maybe 3). hihi I was going for a lo-fi tone, especially for the bass. The Koma Field Kit FX helped pull that off.

I created a few patches for the Quantum and this one just inspired me to record. I'm also learning how to change sequences on the Seq1 and Rene v2, from the Octatrack. So now the Octrack drives my modular sequencers, in addition to all the MIDI gear.

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays... Or at least I hope you had a pleasant Thursday.
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