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Propellerheads Reason Question
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Author Propellerheads Reason Question
I used to use Reason years ago, around version 3 I think. It was great, basic but a lot of fun to get tracks together.

I was thinking of getting it as it is on sale now but my main question is how is it with audio recording, quantising, slicing and editing etc?
Try the demo. I believe it is fully featured, including save. The catch is you can't load your saved projects with the demo version.
I have no issue with the way those features you asked about works, but others may disagree, so you need to try it for yourself.

Im a long time fan of Reason. It doesn't seem to be the in vogue DAW these days still, but I still enjoy it a lot regardless.
Sure, I can try the demo but I am curious how people who have a lot of experience are finding it before checking it out. Especially as the sale is only for a short time
Reason is great these days. Audio recording, monophonic pitch correction similar to Melodyne, VSTs, rack extensions (including the very well-done Complex-1).

I used to make all my tracks in Reason, now I mostly use Ableton (I made the switch before Reason had audio recording and VST support), but Reason is still vital to my process, for vocal and guitar pitch correction, and I've found myself starting new tracks in it recently.
Thanks for the info Rjunge. Reason has come along way and looks pretty well rounded. I too used to start tracks in Reason as I loved the simple interface and fun approach wehn using it.
Scot Solida
I have spent the last month mixing a friend’s album in Reason 10 (his DAW of choice). I have been using Reason since it was released, but mostly as a software synth/sampler playground - rarely as a DAW. I was surprised at how much I could get done without resorting to any outside editors or plugins. It was super easy to send things to external hardware for processing, but very often I found that I was happy with Reason’s bundled effects. I did export to Cubase for some audio editing, but merely because I was more familiar with it and had a deadline. Nevertheless, Reason was capable of most of the things I did in Cubase. The only trouble I had was that it sometimes (but very rarely) ditched the audio driver. It also didn’t like to run some iZotope plugs at lower buffer settings on the (admittedly underpowered) Mac Mini I was using. Still, the overall performance was excellent and my friend was thrilled with how the mixes sounded.
Great thanks for the info, this was exactly what I have been curious about. It's likely I will continue mixing in Pro Tools but I was curious about using Reason for recording and adding audio parts within Reason
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