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FH-2 & Swing
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Author FH-2 & Swing
Ypsi Kid

just picked up a FH-2 to use in order to help link my studio together in term of clock. I'm having issues getting the FH-2 to read an incoming clock signal from a Winter Modular Eloquencer. The Eloquencer has some swing assigned and I cannot get the FH-2 to get an accurate reading to send the clock over midi to other devices.

I then tried making a Digitakt the Clock master via midi and sending that out via USB to the FH-2. So I have that working with no problem, but when I want to add some swing to the midi clock, it wracks the timing and everything falls apart.

I would ideally like the modular/eloquencer to be the master as I really like the swing it gives, but cannot get that to work. Maybe some pointers for trying to get the FH-2 to read a swung clock from modular, and also some tips for having the FH-2 synch to a swung clock coming from Midi.

Hoping I can get this resolved as this was one of the main reasons I bought the FH-2.

You would need to make sure any analogue clock going in to or out of the FH-2 is at 24ppqn (or 64th note triplets), as then you have exactly one MIDI clock per analogue clock.
Ypsi Kid
Thanks for the reply, appreciate it! The Eloquencer currently does not support 24ppqn that I'm aware, but it can output 4, 8 or 12ppqn I believe. Can I run this into a clock multiplier to achieve this (ex. put the Eloquencer into 12ppqn and have the clock run into a multiplier at x2)?

Thanks, clocks are not my strong point, especially between analog and MIDI.
Use 12ppqn then and tell the FH-2 that's what it's getting.
Ypsi Kid
Cheers. Just to make sure I know what to do, that would mean having to change the Clock Base parameter to 12?

Sorry for the questions, just want to make sure I fully understand and implement correctly - cheers!
No, you want Ext Clock Multiplier (configuration globals) set to 2.
Ypsi Kid
Thank you sir, will give that a try when I get home!
Ypsi Kid
Hey there,

so playing around with the ext clock multiplier has not really given me sync with the Eloquencer. I have to set the multiplier to 6 to get it to synch with no swing (does this mean the Eloquencer is not sending the right ppqn?). This does synch well, but the looses synch quickly when swing is introduced. Along with that, midi only starts a 1/2 bar after I press play and stops about 1/2-1 bar after the stopping the clock - any idea what this could be?

Thanks again for the support.
You may not be able to sync with a swung clock because, by its nature, swing means that the clock signal is irregular... alternate pulses are not at a regular interval so there’s no steady signal to sync with. Sync needs a regular, metronome like, pulse in order to lock into the correct tempo, otherwise it’s trying to recalculate the tempo with every swung step.

Your best bet is to send a steadily clock for all your sync sources and then add the swing somewhere else using a clock modulator or a trigger delay.
The FH-2 should track a swung clock at 24ppqn, because then every analogue clock generates exactly one MIDI clock, and it doesn't have to fill in the gaps (for which it would need to calculate the tempo).

I would be interested to hear your results if you put the ext clock multiplier to 1. The FH-2 will be too slow (unless you can get the sequencer to output a faster clock) but it should at least stay locked.
Ypsi Kid
@emenel - I always try the clock without swing first to try and get it locked. Once locked, I would then try introducing swing.

@OS - I can get the 2 to synch if I use a weird multiplier which might suggest the Eloquencer does not have the correct ppqn value (I did set this to 12 in the options on the module). I try a ext multiplier of 2 and it the BPM is around 60bpm if my memory serves me correctly. I think changed it to 6 or 7 (the ext multiplier) and then I had some synch. I'll try and record something for you so you get a sense of what is happening.

If you're using swing there's no point using any clock multiplier apart from 1. Nothing else will work properly.
Ypsi Kid
Thanks, sounds like I need to wait for the update from the Eloquencer to run swing. I may either use the Digitakt in the meantime as the master or use the Eloquencer and not not apply any swing.
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