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Blank eurorack odd sizes?
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Author Blank eurorack odd sizes?
I'm looking for a 12 space blank panel, it it has holes it's fine, but hwere would I find something like this for eurorac? 8 and 4 seem common, but does anyone carry 12hp? I plan on making a joystick controller with it, got a joystick, and a schematic, but need a panel. Don't make me make an external box. eek!

wetterberg carries them - or that is, it's *roughly* 12HP, or indeed what must be 12HP, it's 6.06cm wide.;ACTION=2;LA=2;SORT=-preis;START=0;OFFSET=1000  ;SHOW=1;GROUPID=3363;SID=29mrQc3awQAR0AAEpQuto7c510439c9b4a8f232ca82d 1ba938f1f

(gah, that link doesn't work! but scroll down a bit you'll find the blanks)

otherwise it's off to and break out the hacksaw smile hehe, or mouser...
damn, i was trying to order a bunch but my german just is not good enough to navigate the site.
Even through babelfish i just couldnt do it.

Anybody know any other sites that might have 12hp blanks? I need a ton of them for the stuff i am building.
hmm. Perhaps i could middle-man them for you, I have been procrastinating on an order for ages..

how many do you need?
i need about 10 for the various projects i got lined up. Mostly bridechamber, yusynth, and cgs stuff i got planned.

I might have a local alternative tho...
I was just conversing with a neighbour who has a bench shear and some other cool smithing stuff so i might be fab'ing my own.

(euro-woggle here i come) 8)
I could make you up an acrylic panel for very little if you wanted?
only problem with acrylic is that i find they interfere with grounding.

They would look nifty tho...
I can do plastics, I wish I had your neighbor chinard. smile

I was hoping something like a 10 or 12 hp panel would be standard blank size somewhere.

Thanks peeps
I could use a 3hp myself...
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