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Limits of Entertainment
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Author Limits of Entertainment
My new album is out!

[bandcamp width=400 height=373 album=2297333982 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=small]

This is the result of a long and laborious process. Lots of instruments were used (acoustic guitar through a strakal brulu and other effects, heavy breathing through a yellow thing with tubes, a vacuum cleaner with pitch shift, recorder, melodica, hawaii guitar, some percussion, two pianos, more modular, etc).

Enjoy it if you can!
Have only checked out the first track so far, will definitely listen to the rest tonight!

The acoustic guitar through the stakar brulu (if that is what I'm hearing in the "theme") sounds fantastic.

I read though the album description on band camp and would love to know more about the process of arranging the sounds, specifically how you decide where the "wrong" place is for each note.

I'll check in again after I've listened to the whole album.


Listened to this once yesterday and once again today. I certainly did enjoy it. I find the soundscapes quite enthralling and I could not help but think about a quote I read quite recently in an interview with Brian Eno. He mentioned that he believed that the birth of recording greatly helped a lot of improvised Jazz develop to what it is today since the possibility of being able to listen back to a recording over and over again helped the listener start to anticipate even the most seemingly random musical choices made during the performance and thus gave the work cohesion and structure over the course of many repeated listens.

While I gather that the process for creating these pieces was far from random, I think there may be something to that quote and I'm looking forward to giving these pieces a lot of repeated listens in order to achieve that very same effect.

Thanks for sharing your work!
Thanks FA! I was just starting to worry that this whole album would receive nothing more than a shrug, an empty glaze or pure disgust or embarrasment from folks who can't stand this kind of thing.

Each track has been realised in its own way, but typically I have tried to play the riffs on the guitar, and often not very well since I'm not a guitarist. And my sense of timing is not the best, so the notes are often off. Novichok and The Court Jester's Demon exemplifies those timing issues quite dramatically.

Now, instead of considering the "bad" timing a fault I emphasize it, much in the spirit of the Eno quote. And I emphasize the rhythmic irregularities by trying to put the drums and other instruments in synchrony with the guitar. This has been done by endless sessions of manual editing, which is not a very fun process. Each single drum beat has been pasted into its place, or sometimes I've recorded larger segments. I hope to come up with some more efficient way to do similar things.
That is actually a very interesting approach to highlighting the "flaws" and making them part of the expression.

I totally get what you're saying though, it's always tough to put something out there which does not follow the "commonly accepted" practice in terms of harmony, instrumentation etc.

If you're working in Logic, and I'm sure other DAWs can do this as well, there is an option of recording without a metronome and then having Logic match the tempo fluctuations. I suppose this is more ment for traditionally dynamic performances (rubato and so on) but I think it could work with your approach as well. Even if it's not perfect, the glitchyness of the analysis could very well become useful in itself!

Looking forward to hearing more of your work and continuing to live with this release for a while. I'm starting to slowly reach the stage where I'm starting to anticipate some of the irregularities, very interesting experience!
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