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Later-Generation STS Audio Mixers
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Author Later-Generation STS Audio Mixers
The Animate and "Animoos" - though I prefer "Animus" - both have three-channel mixers with a pair of DC-coupled inputs. Black, blue, blue, in other words. In both cases, the output is black, so presumably bipolar/AC.

What does this mean in concrete terms if I want to use these as two-channel CV mixers? Or even three-channel? I confess the whole DC offset filter thing confuses me in Serge land; I suppose this is at least partly what Don Buchla had in mind when he designed his instruments. Thanks.
Only way to know for sure is to take a peek under the hood or fire up your oscilloscope. The color code that people refer to is full of exceptions and inconsistencies. As you noticed, it doesn't make much sense to have DC coupled inputs on a mixer with an AC coupled output, unless you want to be able to overload it for distortion effects. Trust your oscilloscope.
Thanks, Repeater. Sadly, I don't have an oscilloscope, but perhaps some critical listening will make its behaviors more apparent. Indeed, I couldn't hear a significant difference between using the Animate's mixer to mix two CVs and a dedicated CV mixer on another module.
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