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Atom Filter Mode
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Author Atom Filter Mode
So one of my favorite things to do with elements is use it as a filter via the 2 external inputs. Where did the external inputs go on the Atom? Near as I can tell they should EXCI and RESI but those don't behave like inputs?
I was confused by the naming a bit when I first got my Atom.

MI Elements to Atom
EXT IN 1 - EXC 1
EXT IN 2 - RES 1
Strength - AMP

Mine seems to be working properly. I am in Chord mode (I am not sure if the EXT inputs are different for different modes) and using EXC 1 for the Exciter input and Bow & Blow with Strength to control to taste.

RES 1 takes the input to the Resonator section only like it should.
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