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0 -Coast + 4MS Pod
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Author 0 -Coast + 4MS Pod
I am considering buying a 4MS pod with a couple of modules to complement my 0-Coast.
Looking through a lot of the posts on this topic, I guess Maths is a no brainer - but if I got a 32HP pod I could fit in another module.
Initially I thought a STO which leaves another 4HP (for an LxD?), but the Sport Modulator + Maths sounds fun as well.
Am I missing something, please let me know what you think
the best advice is get a (much) bigger case*

if you are stuck on the 4ms pod get the 60hp, maths and some blanks - wiggle and then decide what other modules you'd like - there's no rush - and you'd be able to fit maths, sto, sport modular and and ldx in there - and you still have 16hp for something else in the future

otherwise I'd go bigger

tiptop mantis is probably the best value per hp - but a lot of people don't like it - and it's not so deep all modules will fit - max about 60mm

otherwise the doepfer cases are pretty decent

and don't forget one of the best things about modular synthesis - you don't need to stick to one manufacturer - there are plenty of other really interesting modular synth manufacturers out there

I'd check out if I were you, if you haven't already

*if you buy a small case there is a very very high chance that you will want more modules than the case will fit - this means you need to buy another case - happens to everyone sooner or later - whether it is another smallish case or a bigger case - inevitably this is what happens no matter what size the case - but generally bigger cases work out cheaper - so buying a bigger case now will save you money in the future

also those pods aren't very deep so you will restrict your choice of modules to ones that fit depth wise as well as width wise!!
A bigger case is a good idea, but not absolutely necessary. I started with the 0-coast and wasn't ready to fully commit to eurorack when I added my first modules. So I started with 84hp skiff which I later sold for the same price it costed me and upgraded to a larger case.

Regarding the choice of modules. Yes, maths is a no brainer. Personally, I won't go the extra VCO route for the 0-coast. Instead I would go for a clock divider, a noise source, and a VCA. You have plenty of 4hp options for each of these to get to the total of 32hp.
It may not be the most intuitive module but if you are really committed to a tiny rack I would suggest a Disting mk4. It covers so much ground in a tiny footprint.
In the same position, I ended up buying a 104hp skiff and building something like a system Cartesian, but without Rene (I use a beat step pro) but with an mmg and and extra sto.

I'm not sure it's worth expanding on the 0-coast as it's such a brilliantly self contained instrument, like a music easel.

Having said that, in 32hp I would add wogglebug, sto, moddemix and optomix. You'll be able to get a lot of timbres and modulation out of that setup.

One limitation of this approach is that you can't patch back into the headphone output, so you'll need some way of monitoring.
Also, if you want to keep it small: a second 0-Coast is not a bad idea to compliment the one you have.
There are some good suggestions here

Keep in mind Pod depth, if the module you want to put in it needs over 32mm of depth there is a good chance ii wont fit. eek!
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