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Synthi presto Interface
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Author Synthi presto Interface
To drive my synthi with a eurorack. I developed this little module, below, that I think pretty secure, if you have any comments do not hesitate. (the 2V zener diode on the CHN 2 input does not prevent the envelope from being triggered in "env" mode so I left)

It is necessary to tinker a little the synthi but nothing very complicated, it is necessary to replace the card edge 32 by a 64, we go from blue to black (sorry for the purists) add 4 resistors on the pots of the oscillo 1 and 2 so to recover the separate outputs, connect the line 1 to Presto by disconnecting the yellow wire (hi input), and connect the mass of the synth to Presto, in short just time and a lot of attention.

Get a big vintage cable 36pin, and disassemble a megadrive SEGA card, cut some tracks on it to isolate all the connectors (I had to sacrifice a basket game (unplayable) for that)

I could not implement the input meter for lack of connectivity in the vintage cable but you can choose what you want to interface.

pardon google trad and my french
Be aware that the Presto Patch is NOT an exact replication of the rows and columns of the pin matrix. The connection that doesn't correspond to the lines on the matrix is pin 1 which connects to the High Level input of Ch.2. Here is the image from the AKS service manual:

yes, thanx

during the test i notice that the output chn 1 won't play via the presto
so i disconnect the yellow wire (hi input) and reconnected the chn 1 to the matrix line 1 and, it works

thanx again

horrible picture sorry
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