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Daryl Dragon RIP
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Author Daryl Dragon RIP
I understand that Daryl Dragon, the "Captain" of the '70s pop due The Captain & Tennille, passed away today. I suspect that not many people remember him now, and most of the ones that do don't know of his role in gaining public acceptance for synthesizers in popular music. Although Dragon wasn't the first pop artist to play a synth, he was one of the first to prominently feature synths both in recordings and on stage. (This in an era where many pop groups that used synths live had the synth player performing from off-stage, because they didn't want the audience to know.) Behind the scenes, Dragon did a lot to popularize the use of synths in Hollywood.

At one point around 1974, Dragon and Toni Tennille had a television show. Some years ago, on the old Analogue Heaven mailing list, Dragon's name came up in a discussion, and I mentioned having seen an episode of their TV show where Toni told a story while Daryl provided sound effects using an Odyssey. Kevin Lightner saw it and wrote to me that Dragon had just brought that very Odyssey to him for restoration, and he had it in his shop at that moment.
tim gueguen
Dragon was an Oberheim 4 Voice user. I had thought he used an 8 Voice, but a quick photo look up shows a 4 Voice.
Spectral Tilt
He was also the first owner (along with Stevie Wonder) of an e-mu emulator and a longtime e-mu modular user
Did a lot of work with the Beach Boys and particularly Dennis Wilson, who he supported/collaborated with early on as a solo artist. RIP
Sad to hear. We all go sometime but it's good to revisit what someone's life was about after they are gone so their contributions aren't forgotten.

Here he is making Muskrat sounds with his Odyssey: hihi

He was also a user of Moog modular gear! eek! w00t Hard to find any videos of it but here is one where you can see he had a small box of modules.

Kevin Lightner mentioned in this thread that he likely used an envelope follower and VCF for processing keyboard outputs.

Here's a nice instrumental only synth piece to remember him by, a cover of the Close Encounters movie theme:
I saw them live at Six Flags Over Texas in Dallas in mid-1970s. I was fascinated by the synths -- it was the first time I'd ever seen anything but a piano.

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