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disting mk4 4.9 sample file/folder organisation
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Author disting mk4 4.9 sample file/folder organisation
Neal Beard
Hello Disting Mk4 fans!

I just upgraded to the new 4.9 and was very excited about having my samples in folders, however I can't get the Disting to find the folders.

I made a playlist file for root level with the two folder names, and two more playlists within each folder with per sample options.

The two files of samples are named


The root level playlist is in plain format text edit– its content below...

disting playlist v1

Wondered what I'm doing wrong? When all the samples were root level on my older firmware it all worked fine...
Neal Beard
...keeping my own thread going here...

I'm wondering whether my new firmware upgrade not playing samples is something to do with the formatting of my card?

When I power up, after the firmware 4.9 message, I get what looks like,
'MOT FAT32' although it could possibly be 'NOT FAT32'?!!

Thought about wiping the sd card but for some reason the format MS-DOS (FAT32) is greyed in my MAC disk utility...

I can format it as MS-DOS FAT.

It's the same SD card that worked prior to firmware upgrade.

I also tried putting my samples at root level, with the same playlist I used before, but it still doesn't find them.

Any help gratefully received!
a) on my mac, I put in a fat32 formatted drive and viewed the erase options in Disk Utility and saw MS-DOS (FAT32) greyed out. I chose to format it with the MS-DOS option and viewed the details and saw fat32 clusters mentioned. Choosing to erase it again also showed the FAT32 greyed out (and ticked). I believe you can chose MS-DOS option on your mac to reformat your card to make it fat32.

b) my disting does not show 'NOT FAT32' at startup. I suspect yours has become corrupted and you should reformat.

The two files of samples are named


you write 'files' above but I assume you mean 'folders' based on what you wrote earlier in the post. Each playlist (in root dir and sub dirs) should be called playlist.txt (it can easily become playlist.txt.txt if you hide extensions)
Splitting this off to a new thread.
You don't need playlists at all in 4.9, unless you need to set options. Delete them for now.

If it says 'NOT FAT32' then you need to reformat the card. Possibly you need a larger card, as smaller ones may be formatted to FAT12 or FAT16.

32GB SDHC is my recommendation.
Neal Beard
Tried reformatting, but it still didn’t work. Bought a new card, and all’s good, so I guess I must have damaged the first one somehow.

Looks like you choose sample folders via parameters, which is neat.

So happy with the new firmware (and forthcoming v5) I’m going to buy another disting for my mini-rack- THANK YOU Os!!!!!
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