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Buchla Module Current Consumption
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Author Buchla Module Current Consumption
I've measured the current consumption for each of the Buchla-format modules that I own (it's all DIY). Figured it might be helpful for other folks. Measurements were taken with a (very affordable) Hantek inductive clamp connected to a Fluke 117 and I'd say they're within 10% given the fidelity of the equipment used (maybe I'll spring for a Fluke 770-series meter at some point and re-assess). In the meantime this should get you in the ballpark. If you have additional and/or conflicting data please let me know and I'll update the list. As well, given the nature of DIY stuff the current draw may vary based on component selection. All measurements are in mA.

Module | +15v | -15v | 12v | 5v

259r | 135 | 115 | n/a | 60
291r | 32 | 28 | n/a | n/a
207r | 28 | 25 | n/a | n/a
275r | 145* | 107 | * | *
296r | 340 | 320 | n/a | n/a
277r | 26 | 20 | n/a | 120
292c | 47 | 38 | n/a | n/a
281r | 42 | 16 | 12 | n/a
248r+ | 125 | 50 | n/a | 110
TSNM | 10 | 10 | n/a | 55
2TT | 15 | 25 | n/a | 90

* I elected to use the on-board regulators so the +15v current measurement should account for +15v, 12v and 5v
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Thank you for sharing. 296 is a monster, no wonder it generates so much heat.
Good info. Thanks for taking the time to do this. A while ago I floated the idea of doing a shared spreadsheet (Google Docs) with power specs and physical depth of all the 200r modules. If you don't mind I will add these numbers to the spreadsheet and make it public so that we can collectively fill in the gaps (and perhaps this info could be passed to Electric Music Store and posted on the pages for each project).
Made this list when I investigated the 292e leak problem:
Power consumption for 208? Guinness ftw!
I don’t have a 208. If there’s anybody in the nyc area that does and wants to bring it to me it’d be a breeze to measure. However, I’d imagine papz, boops and a few other technically-minded folks would have the means to take this measurement.
For the 208:


Note that these are the quoted values for an original model. I found them to be about right but mine never draws 60mA from the 5V rail as I used some super bright LEDs that require very little current. The draw from 12V will vary wildy depending on audio level and the load connected to the headphone jack, 300mA is max.

FWIW I've seen my 296 pulling more current than you state, up to around 360mA from the +15V rail on occasion (as measured by an Agilent E3631 that I use to power newly built modules).
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