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DIY 1/4 inch patch cables
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Author DIY 1/4 inch patch cables
Eric the Red
Planning on making a shit tonne of custom patch cables for the Modular wall. Gotta have the cables match the cabinets and Knobs smile

Which cable is the right one to get? (Also, to help me understand: why?

Instrument Cable: ument-cable-orange.html


Microphone Cable: ble-orange.html

Also - to go along with this, mono or stereo jacks?

Thanks guys!!
The instrument cable (1 conductor + shield) will work. The second photo shows balanced stereo cable (4 conductor + shield - not microphone cable in the usual sense, which is 2 conductor + shield).

Generally nobody here will shoot a idea down on cost concerns only. We are willing to pay the same (or more!) as consumer prices for the fun of building something new.

But soldering cables seems nothing but a chore.

Cost comes back into consideration. It makes no sense to pay more to do more drudgery. Compare material cost of plugs and bulk audio cable to prefab cables on ebay. If you want quality plugs (ex: Switchcraft) and cable (ex: Belden), you will be surprised at the material cost of these parts.
Eric the Red
Thanks for the Cable help!

On Soldering cables being a chore: I know it’s going to be, and it’s going to take forever, but I a man going for a specific aesthetic and I want everything to match. I know it’s going to cost a bit more, and it’s going to take longer to make. On the flip side, going DIY and buying parts in bulk for close to 100 modules is saving a bunch, and my process for making panels is super cost effective. For my MOTM panels, they come down to about $5/U.

The one in the first picture will certainly work, but f I'd go the custom cable route then I'd probably pick something that is a bit thinner and more flexible than the standard guitar cable. Also I'd pick something that is fancier looking to make it worth the pain of soldering it all together. Especially if aesthetics is the whole point of it.

These orange plastic cables you can probably get ready soldered from any big audio cable company in any length if you spend some time researching.
I too started out with a similar aesthetic, and set out to make scads of perfect black patch cords with matching hardware. And I was pretty good at it - I could crank out perfect ones in about 15-20 minutes. Any less than that and I started making mistakes.

I made several dozen over the course of maybe 2 years. I was also building my wall of 5U, and would generally tack on a cable after some other building chore. After the first dozen of them they get really boring to throw together, if you know what I mean.

Somewhere along the way, the aesthetic stopped being so important to me, and I kept running out of patch cords, so I stopped building them and started buying them. And haven't regretted it once.

I wish you luck in your endeavor!
I build my own patch cables, managed to get some really nice cabling from Gotham cables as they have a pre cut lengths at discount prices. Then went switch craft 280 jacks only.

Cable is GAC-1 and it’s the remnant sale for cheap lengths.

Making cables can be quite a zen activity and I can batch make them with personal sets of lengths and colour coded shrink collars.

Knowing they are repairable and good quality is the reason I did this, plus there seems to be 2 markets for patch cables; too cheap or too expensive!
Rex Coil 7
Eric the Red wrote:
Planning on making a shit tonne of custom patch cables for the Modular wall. Gotta have the cables match the cabinets and Knobs smile
..... orrrrrrange cable.

Eric the Red wrote:
Which cable is the right one to get?
.... orrrrrrange.

Eric the Red wrote:
(Also, to help me understand: why?
..... cuz reezuns.

..... cuz itz orrrrrange. Is there any other reason needed?


Mogami cable.
seriously, i just don't get it

(Jan 07, 2019 .. I'm no longer monitoring this thread)
thumbs up
I have built many for my patchbays and have had good success with rg58/u. It's an rf cable that can be cheap when bought in spool lengths.
Just my opinion but I wouldn't spend a ton of cash on cables for short cable runs like patch cables. You're not going to need a pvc covered conductor like the gs-6 unless you're looking to jump around with your modular. That's there to reduce microphonics. Just find a decently priced coax cable that fits your plugs and for longer runs use quality cable like this GS-6 or mogami 2524.
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