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ES-8 with Ableton/VCV & Scarlett 18i20 CONFUSED!
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Author ES-8 with Ableton/VCV & Scarlett 18i20 CONFUSED!
I’m looking for information on how I can integrate the ES-8 with Ableton Live/VCV via a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. I want to be able to send Audio and CV/Clocks/Triggers both ways between my 6U and an iMac running Ableton 10 & VCV. Is this possible?

I understand that the audio interface needs to be DC-coupled (which the 18i20 isn’t). But I also read somewhere that it is possible via ADAT/Lightpipe.

Could anyone be kind enough to explain this to me as I’m struggling to get my head around it to be honest. Yes I’m a relative newcomer!

Thanks cool
ES8 is USB and so is the 18i20. The adat on es8 is for adding inputs and outputs via ES3 and ES6 (from memory). I use the ES8 with VCV and Live via the 18i20. Also running various 18i20 audio inputs from the modular into live for recording/looping/effects.

I'm on PC so no aggregate audio devices. VCV could only address 8 out/ins last time I looked so I ran the apps separately. Someone with more Mac experience may have a better suggestion.
Thanks for your response smile

I’m still a little confused though. How are you setting up the 18i20, as it isn’t DC coupled (correct?)

I was under the impression that you could use ADAT as an alternative to USB to get around the limitations of an AC coupled interface? I am of course probably way off the mark!

Any OSX users have any suggestions?

No problem, happy to help. I've done a far bit of head scratching to sort my setup out but its worth pursuing.

I use the ES8 for Control Voltages (dc coupled) in and out of VCV and use the 18i20 for Audio in and out of the DAW (keep an eye on your levels in as the modular levels are hot). Both connected to the PC via USB. Which suits me as theres no way to aggregate audio devices in windows without introducing a pile of latency.

If you want to use the ADAT interface on the 18i20 you need the Expert Sleepers ES3 and ES6 instead of the ES8.

Do you have this kit in place or are you researching process?
Hey, thanks again...

Ok yeah that makes a lot more sense now smile I assume you need the expert sleepers software route CV in/out of Ableton? Or can it be done with M4L?

Other than that I think I get it now! No I don’t own the ES-8 yet, just everything else I mentioned. Looks like it’s definitely going to be something I purchase soon though

Thanks loads
Yes, Expert Sleeper software out of Ableton is v handy. I use the sync to Pams New Workout to lock Ableton to my rack. Never looked at M4L. Reaktor Blocks is also awesome with the ES8 and Rack. But VCV is leagues ahead...
All of the above is correct except that the ES-8 can also be used over ADAT (with no USB connection). So you could use the ES-8 connected via ADAT to the 18i20 instead of an ES-3/ES-6 combination.
I also try to set up a Scarlett18i20 with the ES-8 but I have some connection issues with the ES-8 over USB.

What I try to do:

I have a Mac Pro 2012, SC18i20 is connected to the first USB port on the back of the Mac, ES-8 connected to the second USB port.
SC18i20 and ES-8 are combined in a aggregate device (1st SC18i20, 2nd ES-8).
SC18i20 is connected to ES-8 via ADAT, ES-3 is connected to ES-8 via ADAT, ES-5 is connected to ES-3 with the extension cable.

Sometimes everything is working just fine, but most of the time ES-8 won't connect to the Mac trough USB.

Anyone else had this problems?
Besides the Expert Sleepers Silent Way, there are some free M4L-devices to get CV to your modular (maybe there are some more I don't know):
- CV Toolkit Mini from Spektro Audio (they also have the bigger standalone version CV Toolkit 2 with lots of moduls)
- HWZ CV Tools

There is at least another one (not free) for CV/gate signals, TED from K-devices
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