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Scope Set Up Question:)
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Author Scope Set Up Question:)
Hi there folks, hope you are all well out there? So I have a Tektronix TAS 465 which I am looking to use for doing Vector Rescanning. I have a Visual Cortex and am wondering how I set the Scope up to do this? There are a few menus and things on the TAS 465 and I don't know what to do:) Any help on this front would be great, many thanks M
Yes, its a bit complicated compared to video modules. I have an ancient Gould scope with very simple mechanical controls, which helps. However, the procedure for your scope looks very similar in principle, so the following should work.

Connect vertical and horizontal ramps to channels 1 and 2 inputs, connect the luma out on the VC to the Ext Z Axis In connector, at the back of your scope. (Page 3-3 in the manual.) Find the Horizontal menu button and set the scope to XY mode. (See figure 3-2 on page 3-9. Further details are on page A-1.)
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