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ES-8 Sync performance
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Author ES-8 Sync performance

Im trying to figure out how to solve some issues with my setup - I'm currently using:
Ableton + ES-8
Safire Pro 24

I'm only using the Safire pro to get audio to my speakers, and the ES-8 is setup as an aggregate device.

Everything works well, but I get crackles and pops occasionally when recording and audio playback can get a bit erratic in Ableton. It seems to get worse when more CPU intensive stuff is going on in Ableton.

I assume its down to the aggregate device performance. I have:
Sample rate 44.1KHz on ES-8 and Safire
Clock source: Safire
Drift correction turned off

Is there a way to improve this setup, or any tips? If i had an interface with ADAT, would using a cable + ADAT sync improve things?

Many thanks for any help!
You will need to either
- turn on drift correction for the device which is not the master, or
- connect via ADAT and share the digital audio clock.
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