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Chaotic Flash Leds CV/Gate Interface
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Author Chaotic Flash Leds CV/Gate Interface
Random CV and Gate out

Ha, thats a good idea. I've thought about using those flicker LEDs that they use for electronic candles for something similar. Ill have to give this a shot.
it's version 1, many other possibilities seem possible.

like leds in series, individual output ...

These leds are flashing but I wonder if the leds rainbow would not be so interesting (if they do not blink them too)

but my next project will be about
"20 Key IR Sound Sensor Remote Music Controller for RGB"

an ir controller interface remake ---> ir controller
but with the sound detector in addition, a kind of envelope follower and lfo with a remote.

we'll see
What I don’t get is why use a monopolar cap at the top opamp and a bipolar cap at the bottom one, while the voltages are bipolar for the input at the top opamp (ac coupled) and monopolar (diode!) at the input of the bottom opamp.
Guess this must be an error seriously, i just don't get it
Nice idea.

Do the CV inputs need some addition buffering (I'm just looking at the 150 ohm 1 Watt resistors?), or are you assuming that any CV output driving it has a 1K output resistor ?
about cap, i found this small trig circuit on the web ? error is always possible , but it's perfect like that. Gfig2.JPG

for the cv i don't know i tested it with a cv input 10V, and it's ok

but this circuit can be perfectible !

In this picture you can see that the +input of the opamp never goes negative, in fact, you can remove the negative power supply and the diode on the right and place pin 6 to ground.
BUT: you will need a more modern opamp as the good-old 741 (OLD, very OLD hihi ) , one that is rail to rail, single supply.
So the lower cap with its + to the gnd should be removed.
Also the 100k resistor right hand side of the 2N3904 in your schematic should be connected to +12V is my guess...
hello, thanx for your answer

i try to connect this 100K resistor to +12V but result is not so cool. the cv out goes to -10V, when i connect it to the ground the cv out do -5V +5V, i prefere

for the gate section this circuit is really cool like that, i try to reverse 1 cap but too slow now ? (not chaotic) +- -+ seems to be the good way.

sorry i m not an expert.

I still think you should replace the single elco and the two reversed serial capacitors.
Remember that two caps in series halves the capacitance, so it is better to replace the single 1uF cap with two reversed serial C’s of 2uF and the two C’s with one .5uF capacitor.
hello, I'm not sure to understand exactly, can you change my drawing? , please, to be sure to understand your idea and test it, thank you very much for your help

i updated my sketch with the resistors, diodes and capacitors name.
pin2 of the ‘72 you will get positive and negative voltages, so you should replace C3 with C4 and C5 but increase the capacitance of these two C’s to 2uF in order to keep 1uF total capacitance.
pin5 of the ‘72 you can only get positive voltages, so you only need one capacitance e.g. C3 but with half the capacitance in order to get .5uF (two equal capacitances in series = 1/2 the capacitance)
thanx a lot it's really cool like this now

you are the boss
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