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MTM Turing Machine calibration
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Author MTM Turing Machine calibration
I have a quick question about calibrating a MTM Turing Machine: does it matter what frequency of square wave is used when calibrating?
No one knows? I had problems recently with calibrating mine, but sending it a much higher pitched square seemed to help.. I was just wondering what the calibrating is really doing .. if the pitch of the square had anything to do with the resulting TM's pitch range or whatever.
I'm not sure I understand your question correctly, but I try to answer.

You are trying to get the Turing Machine to lock when the big knob is fully clockwise.

Because it would be very tedious to monitor the state of the leds for several minutes, while the clock rate is in a "normal", one digit Hz rate, you input a square wave in the hearing range as the clock signal.

When the TM is locked, it puts out a looping sequence of voltages. In the hearing range, this sequence of voltages is heard as a constant waveform.

If the TM is not fully locked, you can percieve a single changing bit in the shift register as a pretty drastic change in the output wave form. You trim only so long, that the TM just barely locks.

The frequency of the square wave doesn't matter that much, but this video from thonk is really helpful to get an idea about a good frequency.

Video embed is weird.
Thank you! That's exactly what I was wondering. thumbs up
You're welcome.
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