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Roland Kick Trigger and Audio Interface
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Author Roland Kick Trigger and Audio Interface
(I'm hoping this might be the right place to post this)
Hello, I recently bought my drummer a trigger for his kick drum and I was wondering if there was a way to have the trigger run into my audio interface into Ableton to trigger samples and or loops. Also any recommendations on pretty simple drum modules that could do this. I honestly don't understand triggers that so any help is much appreciated.
you probably need to get a trigger to midi converter, and then midi that up. Though now you have me wondering if I could use my dirty old MOTU 828 with it's DC coupled inputs to capture the trigger out?
I am skeptical as the signal these triggers put out is high voltage, low amperage and will probably overshoot the headroom of the input by the time you are getting enough signal to see it at all.
So my next crazy theory. What do people with piezo element pickups do? They use DI boxes. I wonder if you used a DI then ran it into a mic input (padded) if it will be more useable?
After that you are on your on with what to do in Ableton. I never clicked with that program.
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