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SY-Plus breakout module - CV extension for SY-CORE
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Author SY-Plus breakout module - CV extension for SY-CORE
Here it is, guys.
Spent my "holidays" working on new projects and one was this very simple breakout module for SY-CORE.
It is more like a mod for SY-CORE, adding CV ins & outs.

The mod is very simple: all you have to do is to wire a few points to the middle board of SY-CORE and it's done.

PCB's are in stock.
I have to take pics tomorrow and I'll add a page on my shop.
BOM and files for the front panel will be available for download as well.

1) VCF CV IN: control of the VCF freq
In parallel to "Width" (amount of internal envelope to VCF)

2) VCA CV IN: control of the VCA
Cut the internal envelope modulation
Use an ADSR envelope then SY-CORE becomes a standard 2 VCO mono synth with sustained notes possible.

3) Decay CV IN: control the time of the internal envelope decay.

4) ENV OUT: internal envelope output
This is a great mod to your excellent clone applause

But! What about a mod to raise the volume to modular level?
this is fantastic, thanks! great additions. with this + core + mod it will be an amazing little module.

also agree with NS4W, an output mod would be great too. depending how this all fits together i might make a little daughterboard and tack it onto one of the boards
SY-Plus PCB added in my shop and in stock.
Front panel available as pre-order.
I made a quick guide for the mod that is available for download on the PCB page.

I'll make a quick guide to mod SY-CORE to modular level.
I'll post it in the SY-CORE build thread.
Stay tuned !
thumbs up
Excellent! I'll order to upgrade all of my cores! w00t
super cool, do want!
When are you expecting the panels to come?
As stated on my shop, I should have them early February.
But will close pre-orders in a few days.
Just tested one of these, some amazing sounds!
Lemmy wrote:
Just tested one of these, some amazing sounds!

thumbs up
Just trying fm and am out before ordering - man, this extension brings the sy core to a whole new level. such a sweet module & so glad you keep at it! hero status! smile

unsolicited noises while poking (FM & AM):
Sounds like the syncussion game has changed. Miley Cyrus
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