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Author PreenFM2
I'm considering the possibility of buying the FM PreenFM2 synth somebody owns I would like to know if there are pros and cons compared to the Elektron DIgitone, personally I know well the elktron machines but I am more intrigued to pure FM synthesis.
I love it. It's very capable. I just saw a post about a eurorack case coming soon. Can go far beyond any of the old FM synths. Still doesn't really compare to a software vst, has some limitations, but is very well thought out and supported. Never used a digitone, never really wanted to.
That is a great question, as I am in the same situation right now. I’ll be watching this thread for any other thoughts
thank you for your opinion, to inform you today I contacted the online store Vandaal to get information from next week will start the new production in desktop and eurorack version.
I like mine. if you're going the diy route, it's a really quick and easy build.

the patch editing software is really good, fast and easy to use. microtonal support is straight forward.

sound's -real- gritty. I realize fm synthesis and lofi can be kind of hard to disambiguate, but if you want clean tones, you'd probably be better off with something else.

only real complaint I have is that the envelopes are simple adsr and they don't loop. and the 8 voice polyphony gets used up really quickly if you're using it as a multitimbrle synth.

e: other than the drums, this is all preenfm2. one take, no overdubbing necessary.
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