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Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room
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Author Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room
Anyone using Waves Nx, or something similar, to mix with headphones that can speak one way or another on the value of it? I work almost completely in headphones these days and it can sometimes be a challenge to translate what sounds good on even a very neutral sounding pair of headphones to a decent speaker set up.

I know I don't need Nx, but I feel like I could get some value from the idea of a virtual mixing room, and with the additional head tracking and spatial virtualization the headphones allow, I've even toyed with the idea of playing with some surround recordings, more for fun than much else...

Any thoughts? Sound on Sound seems to think it's pretty neat, and does a great job for the price, but I was wondering if anyone here had been using the plugin/hardware and had some thoughts one way or another on it before I dropped $50-100 on it.
I’ve been playing with the demo for a couple days. It’s pretty nice, and they have an EQ setting for the Sony MDR7506, which I have a pair of. Impressive when setup, and the headtracking via camera works, albeit it sends my computer fan whirring as it works. Neat little trick, with the stereo phasing and panning as you turn your head. I don’t know if I’d use it enough to warrant getting the Nx Bluetooth hardware, but it’s a neat trick.

A/Bing the sound with the plugin on headphones, vs no plugin on the good speaker setup in the other room, also yields pretty similar results. Not perfect, but the bass is truer, the overall mix closer, and I can say I’m adequately impressed enough to pickup the plugin on the next Waves sale. eek!
thanks for your feedback about this tool. as a new ambeo mic owner, i have to find new ways to mix and it's seems interesting to me.
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