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New Wiggler - Here's rather large generative patch
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Author New Wiggler - Here's rather large generative patch

This patch is going for self arranging, self progression, with improvising of the melodies, drum beats and mix. I made it to play guitar along with, super fun.

Other than an 8 note sequence in the Metropolis, and a single pattern on the Circadian Rhythms, it's all generative. A Make Noise Rene is driving the baseline, drones and feeding the quantizers, sequencers, etc. for transposing. The Z8000 is using a really long clock division sequence to keep evolving the drum beat, and an 8-channel switch is switching each drum between the two sequencers on different clock divisions that overlap. A Pressure points is driving the mix automation that's pulling things in and out, and it's direction is pulling an unclocked LFO so the decision of wether to go forward or backwards is randomish.

There is a whole lot of automation going on using a bunch of clocks and envelopes. The little rise in the bassline every few bars is an envelope to the FM input on a VCO for example.

Here is a link to the patch on YouTube if you would like to hear it:
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