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Hands-free performances
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Author Hands-free performances
I like to patch up systems that run on their own and generate their own changes in various ways. I'm curious to see what others are doing in this vein.

So here is my entry. Except for some fading in and out at the beginning and end (mostly for the practical reason that it gave me some reference points for editing as the video and audio were recorded separately), there is no interaction between me and the modular throughout this piece.

Patch notes:
Master clock comes from Temps Utile and there are Euclidean divisions of that clock as well as a random channel and further divisions come from QCD. Four Euclidean clocks are sent to the WMD SSM, which switches them around. These clocks are used to regulate a Z8000 matrix sequencer as well as o_C in Quantermain mode. Voltages from the Z8000 are sent through a 4ms VCA matrix and modulated by various LFOs, random outputs from Marbles, and other steps from the Z8000 on their way to quantization by Quantermain. The Euclidean clocks are also routed to ping various envelopes for each voice. Voices are: Rings, Z3000/Cinnamon, Braids/MMF, and E330/Z2040. Delay from Disting and Clouds. Additional processing and mixing in Reaper.

I'd love to hear other examples of this approach, so feel free to post below.

Here's another.
These are great!

Where would you suggest a newbie to start with self generating stuff?
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