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MIDI controlled audio feedback setup - SUPER RUDE!!
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Author MIDI controlled audio feedback setup - SUPER RUDE!!
Rex Coil 7
Pretty sick. It's one of those super easy things that work really well.

The video comes in loud, all up in yer mug, and rude as hell ... mind your volume levels!

Rex Coil 7
Aw shucks ..... and here I thought this was something cool.

Meh seriously, i just don't get it ... I'm easily impressed woah eek! woah eek! woah
You have enough posts, wasn't expecting you to be a forum noob. Make 10 threads with your 10 best songs and post them on "Your Tunes Here". I guarantee you several of them will have no responses.

Anyway, it's not that weird, I've done it on a regular mixer. Simply connect a pedal or other effect to one of the effects loops, come back on a channel. If you raise the send on the channel you receive the output of the effect on, you get feedback. Blew a Picoverb doing that. I don't know how easy it is to fry a distortion pedal.
was out as soon as the presenter said we were going to learn how to "shred like a beast on our MIDI controllers..." meh
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