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Buchla easelMIDI interest poll
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Would you get one for 600$ ?
Yes, i am my own one-man-band !
 41%  [ 7 ]
Maybe, but i need to feed the kids first
 23%  [ 4 ]
Nah, midi is for 80s pop bands
 35%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 17

Author Buchla easelMIDI interest poll

a while ago we started bringing midi back to the rack with the 2EM and we think it could be fun to have another Easel expander that can control external midi gear on stage.
One could animate an effect like the new Kilpatrick Redox (presets for Redox, Eventide H9, Strymon Timeline are factory installed), add direct controls to a box without front panel inputs (Eventide H9) or use external Synths to play along.
Also running a second Easel in a virtual environment and slaving it to the real one is an idea...or just a simple iPad drum machine that plays along.

So here comes the cardEM

10 channels of CV to midi, 4 wired to the 208 modulation sources, all channels full attenuable.
4 of them are just banana inputs, but the last two will convey pitch , pressure and trigger from the 218 and turn that into Velocity and NoteOn/Off.
The 208 sequencer can be used as an optional pitch source and the pulser can produce midi timecode.

Here is a short video from tonights wiggling where i play a Matrix 12 vst with the 208 sequencer and the Easel plays the 218 arpeggio.

Let me know if this is of interest for you smile
Hope this is happening!

I have not ben this excited about midi ever! Just imagining using this with a nord drum or my oto boxes is enough to keep me awake at night!
It will happen smile
Maybe just a limited run, but it will.
I missed this but of course I'm interested in one! screaming goo yo
Hi all,

the cardEM is almost ready.

The PCBs are approved and the firmware is tested.

Today we got the right back panels finally.
They are special to me..
I wanted to honor a few important people who did very good things to electronic music in general and particularly for us

Dave Smith as one of the fathers of Midi and a guy to talk to about everything synth.
Todd Barton, the grand wizard of Buchla and a great inspiration for many.
But most importantly Mike McGarth who's spirit is still with us and who's playground we are running around in.
Mike also was one of the most avid supporters of the cardEM and i miss him..

We want to dedicate this module to him.

Videos will come next week..
If you are interested in getting one of the first batch ( 10 ) please go ahead and order one here :
Great back panel!

An the spelling error is fixed in the new batch
Sorry for that...
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