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Exploring the Buchla Music Easel
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Author Exploring the Buchla Music Easel
Autumn last year I finally got my Buchla Music Easel I hade ordered from I quickly fell in love.
This is the first first small piece I made. Its more of a patch and see what happens. And I discovered the arpeggiation and had some fun with that smile Not the best music in the world, but man was it fun smile

How do I embed the video in the post?
Juan John Jaune
Hey there, first of all nice vids, haven't watched more than a few but seeing this thing in action has been interesting so far, have heard the name but haven't ever really seen nor gone searching for buchla stuff before so it was interesting.

As for video embedding just hit the button labeled video above the reply box or alternatively type the following around your video link. [video](link goes here)[/video]

Also make sure your link is http: not https: as that will make it unable to be embedded for reasons seriously, i just don't get it Thankfully just deleting the s seems to do the trick.
Ah, of course. Tha dang s. I allways forget that. Ta.
And thanks again. Buchla seems very interresting, but imensly expencive. The Easel is the only experience have. But I love it to bits smile
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