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Motherboard prices increase
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Author Motherboard prices increase
Rex Coil 7
... well, maybe just the brand/model I bought.

One month ago I paid $152.00 for a new ASUS Prime Z370-A motherboard.

As of ten minutes ago, the least expensive ones (same make/model/condition) are just shy of $240.00.

I wrote to several vendors about the increase, simply because I'm curious. They all responded with pretty much the same answer ... "market fluxuations" ... "promotional offers" ... "give us your money!"

So inside of one month that motherboard went up about $90.00.

Computer gear stuffs ... here today gone tomorrow .... ~nope~ .... here today gone later today.

I'm seeing the Asus PRIME Z370-A II for $170. Curiously, I'm seeing the Asus Prime Z370-A (without the "II" suffix) for $300, which is absurd, especially since Z390 boards are displacing the Z370 boards, that thing would be 2 generations behind!?

I have seen some weird pricing for the Asus PRIME boards though - I have a PRIME X470 board myself - and I think it's the nature of the product. This is basically the best normal board you can get from Asus that does not yell "GAMER!!1!" in your face at every turn - It's basically an ROG Strix board with a more sober aesthetic. Because it's the only normal board that Asus makes for high-end chipsets that does not look like a Decepticon, I suspect some retailers try to charge a premium for it. hmmm.....
Rex Coil 7
Shit's weird ... that's all I know! I'm just glad I got mine for $152.00.

With the way my luck is running today, let's just hope the board even works when I get the whole works up and rolling in a few weeks.

seriously, i just don't get it
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