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Static shock?
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Author Static shock?
So I've just noticed when I go from my computer over to my modular I'm getting a small shock when I touch my eurorack case. Once I discharge its fine. Any ideas?
Sounds like just static buildup? Just touch something wood first, like a desk, door, or wall etc. as it will dissipate the charge in a way that you wont feel it. If that doesn't work then you may have a different problem?
Notron fn
Also a sign of low humidity.

High humidity is bad for gear, but the right amount is best for guitars and your lungs.

Hopefully the designer of your gear paid attention to the pitfalls of electro static discharge.

I’m super careful around my Notron
Connect all instruments (including laptop charger) from the same single wall outlet.This solved my problem.
When I'm working with electronics sensitive to static electricity, I keep 'Toots' the cat outside the room. This follows an incident when she brushed against me as I loaded an eeprom into an old synth, wiping the eeprom in the process.

I should have had an earthing strap on - lesson learned.
may have been the synthetic carpet. those are a great source of static.
Could be that your euro setup or computer is floating, maybe you dont have earth connection in the mains?
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